Crowdsource platform
to perform
audit in stores
or sales offices.

Estimate the efficiency
of your advertising campaign.
Online. Right now.

Handyaudit - a cloud based service to perform audits by supervisors and mystery shoppers in trade points. Allows to estimate the quality of work, unveil violations and create consolidated reports based on the audit results.

About the service

Other features

Tasks and
reports builder

Flexible tasks templates: checklist/
questionnaire/ photo/ audio-report/ free-form report

Auditors routes

Track auditors location
and route following

Possible integration
with a desired system of a client

Handyaudit can be integrated
with your information system
for data interchange

Protection against an
unfair task completion

Automatic verification of task
performance location and time

Reports unloading

Create and unload a consolidated report to analyze the efficiency and quality of completed tasks.

Moderate performed

Verify performed tasks with a real-time feedback with the performer

How does it work?

  1. Company needs to validate the display of goods for a client.

  1. Company manager using the web interface creates and assigns a task for a supervisor.

  1. When supervisor receives a notification about the new task and a route to follow he heads for to the specified trade point.

  1. Manager tracks current location of the supervisor.

  1. Supervisor validates the display of goods by making a number of photos.

  1. Manager receives a notification on an email, verifies the quality of the display of goods using photos and creates a consolidated report.



Our team

Stanislav Smirnov

Co-founder and CTO

Ivan Alyakskin

Co-founder and CEO

Andrey Pogorelets

Partner, Vice-President of the Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Dmitry Kotenko

CEO at InfoShell, Head of Marketing at HandyAudit

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